Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kitty & Canine Gift Exchange Part 2

Two weeks ago I mentioned that Prim and I signed up for kjpugs Third Annual Kitty and Canine Gift Exchange.

Prim was paired up with a kitty named Beans, and when Prim's present arrived she went nuts!  I was (and still am) home sick with pneumonia, so I didn't open the package right away. Prim was not happy because she knew it was for her and laid, scratched, attacked and purred the package until I gave in and asked Steven to help her open it.

Is all this for me?!

Beans sent an awesome package with kitty treats, mice, catnip and lots of fuzzy toys.  Prim went nuts with all the toys!  It was hard to get an action shot, but here's one of my attempts:

Also, you may not know that Prim plays fetch for hours! She especially took to a little green fuzzy toy with a bell on it, which is her new favorite toy to play fetch with.

"Mom, I'm going to need you to throw that!!!"
I'm  super glad we decided to participate in the gift exchange, and can't wait to do it again next year!

Thanks Beans (and Lauren!)

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Newtown, CT

I have not been able to see the news for most of the day, but as I tune in, I'm horrified.

I remember Columbine. I remember 9-11. It may sound naive to say, but the shooting today in Newtown, CT breaks my heart the most. 

I can't believe someone could do this. I'm at a loss for words.  The images I have seen of children holding hands and running through the woods to safety, and those of first responders rushing into the building (many officers in just their normal uniforms instead of waiting to suit up in full squad gear) will haunt my dreams.

This has hit just a little too close to home. In CT as I have many family members up north. As a police officer's wife. And as a young woman, because although I don't have children of my own, there are several children, Brody, Quorra, Noah, George, Ben, Joshua, Isabella, and many others including my baby cousins Lydia and Marlene who I would kill for. Who I would die for. I'm usually strong, but my eyes are tearful.

One scripture that sticks out and comforts me:

"But Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven'." -Matthew 19:14

To the shooter, (and I have not fully understood this saying until today) may God have mercy on your soul.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Bishes!

Normally, I am not a fan of Christmas.  Growing up it was always awkward. There is a lot of drama among many of my family members, and I can recall feeling tense and anxious throughout the holidays as early as 6 years old.

That being said, I could never really think of anything I wanted, except to NOT have to listen to the bitching my family members would take part in following any holiday gathering. After my parents separated, I dreaded the holidays. It's been a confusing dynamic ever since, and I was sure I would forevermore hate every Easter, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Memorial get the idea.

Since Steven and I started dating, I realized even more how effed up my family is.  His parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins had FUN.  They enjoyed just hanging out with each other, with no trace of the mandatory, alcohol fueled, forced fun my family is used to. And although I wouldn't mind a glass of wine with Christmas (his family doesn't least not to Grandmom and Poppa's knowledge) I love the laughing, throwing snowballs at Steven's squad car, eating Aunt Joan's crappy brownies and the couches my sister-in-law and I crash on as soon as dessert is over.

This year, I'm excited about Christmas and even have a Christmas List to post!

Here goes!

The Nook HD.
Since I'm a neat freak and hate clutter I love the idea of an e-reader/mini tablet.  I sold my iPad when I lost my job, to make the mortgage and have missed my tablet.  This is small, perfect for reading on, and I'm pretty sure (and hope) I'm going to find it in my stocking :)

Criminal Minds Seasons
When I was out on FMLA and subsequently unemployed, I fell in love with Criminal Minds.  I love the show so much I want the whole series for the times I need to nest on the couch with my good friends at the BAU.  And I might also have a slight crush on Agent Morgan ;)

I'm obsessed with this hoodie from North Face. This, jeans, Uggs and Starbucks? Heaven.

 This is the sweet calf/foot massager from Brookstone catalog I've been eyeing for years. For the record, this picture is basically my version of heaven. Tablet, booze, calf/massager. If only I had an extra $400. (right now it's on special for ONLY $349) I visited a Brookstone store this past weekend and definitely used that thing for longer than the "15 minute per customer" limit. For once I was grateful for my constantly "pissed off/don't bother me" face. But seriously, I'm not always pissed, it's just my face!!

And lastly...

I'm in love with this Etsy store and this necklace!  They make the cutest peapod/birdnest necklaces and bracelets. The only change I would want is for the charm to be the "police officer badge" charm she offers instead of the weird stick figure one shown. But the white beads and silver make this so cute I could squeeeeeeeeeee. (that being the annoying noise dumb college girls make when they unexpectedly run into their roommate at a party, or the noise regular people make when they see baby kitty meme's on the internet)

Merry Christmas Bishes!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Third Annual Kitty & Canine Holiday Blogger Gift Exchange

I've been a terrible blogger lately.  I've started some posts, deleted them, and wrote them again. They are currently in my saved file.


I've seen how blogs have helped my friends, mostly Jessica, with the weird age we are. You know, the one where we're newlyweds or college-ish aged or young mothers who feel the loneliness without something to plan (weddings, resumes, baby things). Who are also not quite ready for the PTA, Soccer Mom thing...I guess that's what happens next?  I'm not good with this adult thing.

So I've finished college, gotten married, and we're waiting on the baby thing.

I want to be a better blogger, so I decided to participate in KJPug & Hannah's Third Annual Kitty & Canine Holiday Blogger Gift Exchange.

I know Jessica's Bodie loved his secret pal and Prim and I are excited to be involved this year too!

Prim can be an absolute sweetheart or an absolute terror. Besides mice, chewing paper/cardboard and chasing her laser pointer, she is obsessed with stuffed animals. Her favorite one being her pink bunny that she carries everywhere.  It even sleeps in the bed with us.

And as this is her first Christmas, I helped her get acquainted with the holiday.

Prim's first Christmas Tree (that lasted about 4 days before she destroyed it and it ended up in the trash) note her little bunny ear in the lower right corner. and Prim in her Christmas sweater (and that is the crazy eye she gets when she's about to enter attack mode)  She's not a fan of that sweater and spent 20 minutes wrestling it off.

For our first year participating in the exchange, Prim has been paired with Beans!

We are boxing up his Chrismukkah present and heading to the post office now!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Things I Can't Stand!

For those of you that know me IRL, you might be surprised to know there are several things that make me want to scratch my eyes out, bow drop strangers and shout profanities. (insert sarcasm font) Since I'm feeling a little extra grumpy today, I thought I would get some of these things off my chest.

1. Strangers that touch babies. Seriously, why are you touching a baby you don't know? When is the last time you washed your hands? Why is it necessary to touch a baby just because it's cute?  You have probably sneezed, picked your nose and not washed your hands after using the bathroom and now you're touching a baby?  Get some Purell, look and don't touch, and basically mind your own effing business!  That goes for touching baby bumps too.  I barely touched my cousin and best friends when they were pregnant WITH their permission.  If I get pregnant and someone touches my bump, I swear I'm going to touch their belly awkwardly until they get the hint.  I'm also going to make a sign for my stroller that says "Do not touch baby".  Laminated. And I will cut you if you don't obey the sign.

2. Strangers that hug me. Similar to do not touch random babies.  I'm not a hugger. Growing up I can't remember my parents hugging me.  I can only really remember hugging my grandparents.  I went to Australia and only gave my dad a peace sign.  I hugged my cousin when he left for Afghanistan. That being said, I don't like hugging, especially strangers. What is the point? How long are you supposed to press your body against another person? When I watch Live with Kelly and Michael, I wonder why they hug every guest. WHY!?!  I know, I'm weird since everyone else seems to be okay with it, but me? A peace sign will do.

3. Cooking shows. I'm not going to be following along with the chef, I am a horrible cook (I've started a fire while boiling water-no lie) and they make me hungry.  Jessica used to make me watch Paula Dean, and I'd yell the entire time until she changed the channel.  I can't cook, I'm not entertained, I'd rather be watching trashy reality TV. Jersey Shore and Honey Boo Boo, my love is infinite.

4. Surgery on TV. Blood, guts, intestines, brains, tumors. Enough said. That shit is gross, especially while eating.  It makes me gag and makes me paranoid. What if I woke up during surgery? What if I tried to take a dump and gave birth in the bathroom? I could go my whole life without knowing what an episiotomy is (if in labor, the doctor would just do it and keep his mouth closed), seeing a placenta, knowing what a nasty tumor looks like or seeing the tree man (has anyone else seen that TLC special?) That is some SICK shit. At least on The Walking Dead and Criminal Minds I know that stuff is make up.

5. Being late. (Not to include Goulart timing). As much as I love Jessica and Heather, it is in their genes to be late.  I know this. I understand this. I accept this.  If I need them to be somewhere at 11am, I tell them to be there by 10:15am.  Cool. No worries. But as I have discussed before, I am medicated for OCD and anxiety.  When something is not going as planned I get super stressed out and worried.  My mind goes to the worst case scenario and it can absolutely ruin my day.  I've gotten in trouble for being too early for work.  I often find myself arriving to a place early and sitting in my car for 20 minutes or so.  I hope to one day change this behavior, but as it stands, I hate when things don't go according to plan and mess up my schedule.

6. The Easter Bunny & The Elf on the Shelf. Who ever came up with these sketch creatures is a sick, sick person.  First, the Easter Bunny. A mutant bunny who leaves colored eggs on the porch. BUNNIES DON'T EVEN LAY EGGS! What is the connection? I avoid the mall during the Easter season. I am creeped out that some dude is wearing a bunny suit and having kids sit on his lap. I just don't get it. Sketch. (This also goes for "characters at Disney World or King's Dominion...also sketch).
I may look like I'm okay with this bunny, but trust me, that is my WTF face (which I have now perfected)
      Also sketch is the Elf on the Shelf. I don't understand this tradition, but I have seen the creepy doll that is Elf on the Shelf.  If my parents had tried to pull that shit with me, I would have been scarred for life.  I feel for the children that have to endure that awful thing.

7. Same side sitters. Working in restaurants throughout college, I've witnessed this phenomenon quite often.  Usually it's a couple that wants to make out. Gross, save that shit for later.  Aren't you getting in each others' way and bumping shoulders and elbows? Aren't there too many plates on one side of the table? Wouldn't you rather sit across from each other and converse? Same side sitters. Annoying servers since 1892.

8. Humming and whistling. That shit is annoying. I'd rather have dinner while watching surgery on TV with the Easter Bunny.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Is it Christmas yet?

Christmas has never been my favorite holiday. Yes there were presents, but the dysfunction that was family togetherness drove me insane.

*I'll skip that old record*

But my most dreaded holiday was always Halloween.

Growing up and until recently I tried to fake some enthusiasm for Halloween.  In college I
threw some sweet parties, and they were fun, but seriously other than dressing like a slut and getting drunk what is the point?? As a child you get some free candy, but as sad as it is, you can't just throw a sheet with some eye holes over your kid and let them walk up the block.

Mostly, I hate Halloween because I am a scaredy cat.  There it is.  I hate the commercials for scary movies that interrupt my Jersey Shore marathon.  I'm annoyed that Chucky, Scream and Paranormal Activity are playing back to back on my favorite channels.  I hate haunted cornfields, caves and houses that everyone seems to have a great time going to. I hate scary ass decorations, spider webs, monsters, and creepy corpses.

I don't like to admit it, but until I was probably 10 or 11 I used to roll up a blanket and wrap it around my neck at night because I was terrified of vampires.  I thought the blanket would foil the vampire from biting my neck and wake me up in enough time for little old me to run away. I mean, for real.

Today I helped my friend Jessica celebrate her birthday at a paint your own pottery store downtown and there were little kids trick or treating the local businesses.  I'm not going to lie, there was a 6 year old in a freaking clown mask that made me want to punt the child.  I'm talking John Gacy handcuff me to the pipes and dismember me before pouring the concrete basement floors scary.  REALLY!? Is it REALLY necessary to dress up your small child in a costume like that? Can't they just be Peter Pan or something?

I am SHOCKED that I watch The Walking Dead (only after screaming in protest when Steven tried to make me watch the first season).  My favorite (sort of creepy) movie is Practical Magic for goodness sake.

Thankfully Halloween is almost over. Five more days and I'm in the clear for another 365 days.  Then I get to look forward to all the Christmas festivities (and my first Christmas as a married lady) which has been a much more bearable holiday since I've been able to be a part off Steven's family.  Then I will have to deal with my second most dreaded holiday.

Easter. Well more specifically the Easter Bunny.  Think about it. 

Now a few Halloween throwback pictures:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How's Married Life?

As of last week, I have been married for 8 months. In that time I have been asked how's married life approximately 18570235710239571 times. After the first 3 times I've come to a default answer. It's boring.

That is usually the answer that gets the most confused reaction. The inquiring party is often dumbfounded and is forced to awkwardly move away from the topic.

I guess growing up, I'm used to seeing the dramatic romances played out in movies and in real life.  My parent's rocky marriage created a childhood in which my brother and I were constantly in turmoil. I was scared to make too much noise, to not wipe the sink completely off after brushing my teeth, forgetting a small chore and saying the wrong things to the point that I would be punished if my answer not the correct one. My parents were constantly arguing and there never seemed to be any peace in our household.

On television the relationships I saw and related to were always sprinkled with drama. Carrie and Big? Rachel and Ross? Jerry and Elaine? Anyone?

Even Disney's brand of love is dramatic. Belle and the Beast? Ariel and the Prince? Aladdin and Jasmine? Lady and the Tramp? Snow White?  I think Disney's love bugs are even more negative as they always seem to have a parental complex. Cinderella's misfortunes for example?

Nope, my marriage is boring, from the outside looking in.  Steven and I can anticipate each others' daily routines. What is he doing Tuesday night? Going to bowling league. Me every Wednesday? Watching Nashville of course.  Would I like to go on a date this week? Not on Thursday, Sunday or Monday night if it's football season.  Unless I'm up for some wings and beer of course.

I can tell by his body language if we're staying in, going out or if he just needs some time alone to decompress after a long shift at work.  He knows by the pants (or lack of since I HATE pants) if I am heading to see the girls, planning on vegging out all day or need some attention.

We always tell each other when we'll be home if we're together. We always kiss hello and goodbye. We always say I love you, even when we piss each other off.

And he has been my number one supporter as I've dealt with some serious health issues, job changes and just my overall life situation.  No one else would bring me my little shadow, Prim, knowing my need for a constant companion while he works crazy shifts would trump my severe allergies (I love her, but we should probably invest in some Allegra stocks before too long).

No one else would understand my abandonment and trust issues due to so many friends and family (and 2 pathological liars) stepping out of my life at the first hint of trouble.  I'm sure no one else would be able to handle the "pillow talk" he brings home from work. And I'm absolutely positive no other man would be able to accommodate my OCD, especially when I go un-medicated just to satisfy my inner voice telling me to rip the entire house apart and BLEACH!

So yeah, my marriage is boring.  There's no drama. We don't raise our voices.  Neither of us are having an affair.  He doesn't smother me, and is completely comfortable with me having a separate, independent life.  If he's not home, there is only about 4 places I know he could be. We don't antagonize each other (much) and that is that. Nothing more, nothing less.

Boring. Just the way I like it.